Monday, November 1, 2010

The Weekly Standard Vs. Palin?

Tonight on FNC's Special Report, Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard, home to top Palin supporters Bill Kristol and Matt Continetti, said Politico's "story is accurate," and added a shot at her for "participating in Entertainment Tonight interviews" instead of discussing policy. 

The story is accurate. I think the story is reporting what is actually happening, the kinds of discussions that are happening among advisors for other candidates, establishment Republicans, and even amongst conservative movement types. There is this general question: is she serious about running? … If I am watching trying to determine whether she is going to run or not, I look to see how often she is talking about policy. When she talks about policy, when she gets serious...when she starts making arguments that are substantive and does less of the taking shots at reporters and participating in Entertainment Tonight interviews -- that’s when it’ll be a signal that she actually is serious about running.”
Apres Steve, le deluge?

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