Friday, November 5, 2010

Can Robert Gibbs' Role Possibly Expand Any More Than It Already Has?

I see that Robert Gibbs is "seeking to carve out a role beyond briefing reporters" in the expected reorganization of the White House. Hey Mickey readers know that Gibb's role already extends into war fighting, economic central planning and deep sea engineeringRobert Draper just told us so.

Apparently Gibbs has a "faction" -- a faction so powerful that its advice outweighed Secretary Gates'  after Rolling Stone published its infamous McChrystal profile.  Gates wanted just a "reprimand,"
but "Gibbs and others argued that McChrystal had undermined the commander in chief and therefore must go. Obama sided with Gibbs's faction." 
Gibbs also helped to get Obama's approval for the Chrysler bailout:
"I was in the Roosevelt Room when the final decisions were made on the two auto companies," Gibbs recalls. "And I remember Chrysler was the one we discussed last. I'd asked someone before the meeting to pull together stuff on where the Chrysler plants were. And I spoke up at the meeting toward the end and said, 'These communities where the plants are, they're already at 17 to 19 percent unemployment.'

And finally we have, in his own words, Gibbs describing how President Obama put him in charge of the Gulf spill containment effort.  Not just the mid-crisis PR campaign either:

An undersea robotic vehicle in the Gulf had dislodged the containment cap on the BP well. Until the lid was reattached eleven hours later, a new torrent of oil spilled into the sea. Gibbs went back into the Oval to give Obama the news.
The president stared at Gibbs, stunned. "Well, why did it do that?" he demanded.
"Sir, we're trying to find that out."
"Gibbs," Obama said, "your job the rest of the day is to make sure that one of those vehicles doesn't do that again."

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