Monday, November 1, 2010

Hannity Prepares For War With Romney And McConnell

Very little of what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity say on the radio every day gets referenced by mainstream political observers.  Each has more than 10 million listeners.  The hyper-partisan stuff is of little interest, but we should pay attention when they take shots at other conservatives. What were these millions of conservatives hearing the day before the election?

Faced with a couple hours of after-school chauffeuring, I decided to give Hannity a listen this afternoon.  Hannity was clearly very upset over the Allen-Vandehei Politico piece on the GOP "establishment" and its effort to keep Palin out of the '12 GOP presidential primary.  The hostility he feels toward the GOP insiders who leaked doubts about Palin to the insiders' insiders at Politico was clear and as of next week, he'll have a lot more time to devote to intra-party feuding.  Hannity has to know that Romney's people are behind this anti-Palin campaign.  Will Republicans pick a nominee who has an antagonistic relationship with Hannity, Limbaugh, etc again after having just gone through that process in 2008?

Hannity has also been openly belligerent towards the GOP Senate leadership since O'Donnell's primary win and the subsequent dust-up over Karl Rove's criticism of her.   Hannity couldn't possibly have been more supportive of Jim DeMint after he played a big part in throwing away the Delaware Senate race.  Another Politico article published just after the Delaware primary on GOP Senators' unhappiness with DeMint's meddling also drew Hannity's ire. He promised to bury Mitch McConnell if he retaliated in any way against DeMint.

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